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Amour Vert

Check out our latest investment! Amour Vert means GREEN LOVE in french but it also means American Jobs, non toxic dyes, sensuous fabrics and innovative techniques and above all enduring style. Amour Vert’s specially engineered textiles and blended fabrics are crafted to be soft, flattering and long-lasting. For more information, visit Amour Vert.

Linda Balti, Creative Director & Founder of Amour Vert

Linda Balti assumed her role in the fashion industry at Amour Vert armed with an unconventional background and a passion for environmental consciousness. Linda’s career began in her native Paris within computer science engineering, working on simulators for fighter jets and helicopters for a French defense company. In 2009, after reading an article that stated that the apparel industry was the second most polluting next to oil production, she joined forces with her husband, Christoph Frehsee, to create Amour Vert. Linda’s mission was to develop a contemporary eco-fashion collection that put fashion first, proving to women that they shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. Using the highest quality organic and sustainable fabrics and low impact dyes, Linda’s design practices continues to employ a zero-waste philosophy. She taps her engineering background to develop her own proprietary fabrics and prints, reducing the brand’s environmental footprint in every step of the design and manufacturing process. She designs and produces each collection in California, where she and the company are based.

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