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What is Valentine’s Day really all about at Beehive?

At Beehive, Valentine’s Day is all about support, caring and love!! As investors, we are extremely fortunate to get an inside look of some of the coolest, most innovative products and services out there. To the point that we can easily fall in love…

Beehive’s LOVE:

  • Flying Squirrel shirts from Amour Vert. The eco-friendly super soft fabric will make you feel like you are living in a pillow!

  • Scarves from VIDA. Who doesn’t love wearing art? Looking for a guilt free shopping spree? Did you know that each scarf you purchase gives literacy to one of their factory workers? (Exclusive discount code for Beehive’s friends but only until February 15th VIDAVDAY for 15%.)

  • Moms. How can anyone celebrate love without mentioning our dear moms? Bellabeat supports women and keeps them in style from the fertility stage all the way to the mommy and diaper stage.

  • Chocolate from Michael Misher and Charles Chocolate (Look out for the salty sweet cashew bar!) Why? Chocolate doesn’t ask any questions, it just understands…

  • Be healthy with ClassPass. As busy multi-tasking ladies, we love any opportunities to be active and fit. We will review deal flow in between soul cycle classes and hikes in the Woodside hills. But our real vice is ClassPass! You can take any yoga, dance or pilates classes of your choice for just $99! Zumba here we come!

On this day of celebration, we wanted to share the love! Don’t forget to enjoy the ride. “Love does not make the world go around – it simply makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones.

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